SOHK Visits Schools to Mark her Golf to Schools Project

TAC Africa/SOHK Nigeria Commences a Two-day visit to Schools in Preparation for Free Training on Digital Specialized Skills and Golf to Schools in FCT. The CEO TAC Africa/SOHK Nigeria, Dr Jerry Akubo (PhD), and his team; Miss Oyeh Ugonma, Project Coordinator and Mr. Ifeanyi Anya, Strategy and Communications Coordinator, alongside Senior Staff representatives from Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB), Mr. Kingsley and Mrs Asibi, visited the approved Government Schools to benefit from the first phase of the Digital Skills Training.

Dr. Jerry heartily acknowledged the warm reception by the School Administrators during the visit as well as the enthusiasm shown by the Students of the various Government Schools. The primary purpose of this visit was to congratulate them for being a part of the pilot phase of the project and to emphasize the relevance of promoting digital literacy and skills among students. The Pilot project is aimed at providing opportunities to 450 students, to empower them to become digitally competent and productive.

Hyperrealistic 3D is taking the digital art world by storm.

Hyperrealistic 3D is taking the digital art world by storm.

On the first day, the CEO TAC Africa and his Team visited some Primary Schools which includes, LEA Primary School Phase IV, JSS Kubwa 1, Chikakore Primary School, JSS Dutse Sagwari, LEA Primary School Area 10, JSS Tudun Wada, JSS Asokoro, LEA Primary School Nyanya, LEA Primary School, Sauka.

On Day 2 of the visit, Wednesday 12th July 2023, Dr Jerry led his delegation and a representative from Secondary Education Board Miss Grace Philip, to visit Senior Secondary Schools Approved by SEB for the NGO Pilot Project. The visit concluded with Wuse Zone 4 Senior Secondary School followed by GSS Kubwa, GSS Bwari, GDSS Bwari, GSS Tudun Wada and GSS Zone 3.

Propelling Digital Trainings To Schools to 450 Students

The NGO visit to the Secondary Schools was a resounding success. The School administrations expressed their commitment to integrate digital skills training into the curriculum and allocate regular time slots for sports activities to ensure a well-rounded education for the selected students. This visit demonstrates the determination of the NGO to impact Digital skills to these students, thereby contributing to their overall growth and development.

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